#NYFW and The Green Shows!

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The criteria...”Touted as the only “premiere fashion event exclusively committed to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair trade fashion in New York City,” the venue, now in its second season, has peeled some serious rubber (not to mention, appealed to some really great talent).

This is a challenge when all designers participating in The GreenShows have to abide by a “Designer Criteria” which means they have to include some aspect of the sustainable design industry. In this case it means:

1.    Vegan/Animal Free
2.    Ethically Produced
3.    Fair Trade
4.    Organic Materials
5.    Recycled Materials
6.    Ethically Produced Wool
7.    Natural Dyes
8.    Carbon Footprint Conscious”  -(whole article from ecosalon)

“Too often, sustainable fashion is relegated to the sidelines of events like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This season, however, that changed with the addition of The GreenShows to the official line-up at Lincoln Center.

Held Friday morning at Lincoln Center’s The Box, the presentation featured carefully curated ensembles from eight sustainable brands, assembled by star stylist Julie Ragolia. In selecting the participating designers, TGS considered a number of ethical manufacturing criteria, including use of organic/bio-based textiles and materials, recycled/upcycled fabrics, low-impact dyes, zero waste/fabric waste reduction, local production, craft/artisan production, and fair/ethical trade.

The Box was packed shoulder-to-shoulder for the event, which GreenShows director Lou Sagar called a “milestone” in the sustainable fashion movement.

Sustainable fashion is now a global movement, it’s no longer a trend. (The GreenShows) are a demonstration that fashion always has to be beautiful and appealing, but it doesn’t have to be at the compromise of using sustainable materials and ethical practices. I think the fashion industry is demonstrating a desire to embrace that more and more. We don’t have to feel that we’re alternative because social change is mainstream.

Here, scenes from the show and more information on the featured designers.”

Read the ecosaloarticle: –http://ecosalon.com/ecosalon-at-nyfw-the-greenshows/

Food in the moment Sadou, “the way of tea”

Ichi-go ichi-e: this is the moment Information from website of Presentation Zen (click).

ichi-go ichi-e“Following up on Benjamin Zander’s inspirational teachings on the art of possibility (and performance), allow me to share a simple idea from the art of tea or Sadou, “the way of tea.” You may think that the traditional art of Sadou (茶道) is a strange place to glean lessons that can be applied to various aspects of our daily lives, but the simple practical lessons from the Zen arts run deep and wide. Ichi-go ichi-e (一期一会) is a concept connected to the way of tea; it expresses the ideal of the way of tea. Roughly translated the phrase means “one time, one meeting” or “one encounter; one opportunity.” In the way of tea we should respect the host and the others in the garden and the tea room and honor the moment as if it were a once-in-a-lifetime gathering. That is, we should cherish every meeting for it will never happen again. Ichi-go ichi-e is a reminder that each tea ceremony is unique even though the elements are familiar.” To read the whole article from Presentation Zen (Garr Reynolds) click here.

* How does this translate into Fun Food Friday?  We should cherish every meal and the (shared) experience of eating a meal, for it will never happen again…Savor the moment- savor the taste. As the saying goes….”be here now,” and respect the present moment you are in. 

BBB3 Note: By the way – I have one of  Garrs Books and it is great. If you are interested in presentations I HIGHLY recommend it, as well as following Garr on his blog, twitter, etc.  I truly enjoy his “take” and learn from him. The book I have  is called  Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery (2nd Edition) (Voices That Matter) (Amazon)

Birdelini has been busy!

Birdelini and the Red Carpet
Birdelini practicing on THE Red Carpet

Birdelini has lots of BIG news!!!! She now has a twitter handle (@Birdelini) and a Facebook Page – If you are a Facebook user then please go and “like” her new page so she can get rid of all those numbers after her name! Do you love/like Films? Do you love/like Fashion?   Then Birdelini latest plan  is one for you! She is going to be doing a RED CARPET twitter and Facebook blitz! It should be a blast. She cares about who they are wearing – i.e thier Blossoms, their shoes or as she calls them their petals, the Bling which she calls the Orchids, and the water they are drinking! Are you excited? We are! Gorgeous glam galore!

Need a little Oscar prep help? Birdelini is having fun with the Oscar iPad app – and she just discovered the Vanity Fair Ballot App! (Click here for Vanity Fair)( iPhone, iPad and Android. All are FREE!!!) ” We know you’re going to predict the winners come Oscar night, whether in a voting pool or a head-to-head competition, and our new app ballot makes choosing winners on iPhone, iPad, and Android as glossy and rich an experience as flipping through the magazine.”- Vanity Fair

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