and you thought 3 weeks from now was only Valentines Day? Au contraire!

Birdelli - NYFW
Birdelli is our resident Eco Fashion Designer and Model of Green. #NYFW

Birdelli wants to let you know: New York Fashion Week is Feb 9-16. New York’s streets and runways will be filled with all the new, the amazing, the fun and the fabulous! Models, buyers, & editors of the world all come to see the promotion of Americas fashion talent. Delicious!

possibilities of amazement, TED?

OK guys, I am reaching out for a little help this morning.  It has been suggested to me, by my beloved Hubby, to be a speaker at TED! I was incredibly flatters and astonish. I had not thought about it myself. I said to myself, as you may be saying as well…What?!!!! TED is for former Presidents, Mavericks of industries, and Nobel Peace Prize winners? Well, yes it is BUT … there is also a “lesser” track. A minor league team if you will. “TED also seeks out emerging artists, scientists and thinkers, introducing them to the TED community well before they hit the mainstream.”  Well, that could be The Botanical Beauties & Beasties. As the saying goes-nothing ventured, nothing gained, A.K.A. “why not…

In that light I would like to apply. Scary? You Betcha! Long shot-surely. Would it be amazing? YES times a gadzillion !  The application is very short, and so it clearly also needs to be very good.  Here’s where you all can come in to help if you so “accept the mission.”  This does seem a bit like Mission Impossible!

“Good morning, Botanical Beauties & Beasties Readers and friends. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves the wording for all, part, or any, of the 2 questions below. You have 1 week to help. As always, should any member of your team be bad spellers, fragment writers, or jotters of dashes of ideas, not to worry the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions and string it together to help the cause. Even random words may help! This message will self-destruct in five seconds.”

1)Tell us briefly about the speaker: (second part of the same question) Why are you recommending them?

2) Please describe this person’s speaking style. (if you have heard me.)

Thanks in advance if do accept this mission! I hope to send it in maybe over the weekend! Please either Comment by hitting “talk bubble” on top right or email me at [email protected]. Again, Thanks.

Fun Food Friday- The end of an Arty week!

Carl Warners Book
Carl Warners Book - order link

I often watch a Sunday Morning TV on CBS show called “Sunday Morning”. It is a 90 minute show focused often on the arts “featuring videos, extended interviews, photo galleries and much more.” One Sunday morning a few months ago they (Sunday Morning) did a piece on Carl Warner, it made me smile and so I filed away the name away to share with you all, my readers, on a Fun Food Friday! Today, here it is: Art and Food- two of my favorites! By the way, videos showing Carl’s can be found on You Tube.

All this info is per

“Born in Liverpool, England in 1963, he moved to Kent at the age of seven where as an only child he spent hours in his room drawing and creating worlds from his imagination having been inspired by artists such as Salvador Dali, Patrick Woodroofe and record sleeve artists such as Roger Dean and the work of Hipgnosis. Carl began his career by going to art college with a view to becoming an illustrator as he had a talent for drawing yet quickly discovered that his ideas and creative eye was better suited to photography as a faster and more exciting medium in which to work. After a year’s foundation course at Maidstone Art College he moved to the London College of Printing in 1982 to do a three year  degree course in photography, film and television. In 1985 he left to assist various photographers in the world of advertising for a year, after which he became one himself.

Although a very keen landscape photographer he initially established himself as a successful still life photographer, and then began to branch out into other areas of photography in the advertising world, shooting people and landscapes for a wide variety of products and brands. Over the past ten years he has been developing a body of work making landscapes out of food, and has been commissioned by many advertising agencies throughout the world to produce these for clients in the food industry.  ….

The Work

The ‘Foodscapes’ are created in Carl’s London studio where they are built on top of a large purpose built triangular table top. The scenes are photographed in layers from foreground to background and sky as the process is very time consuming and so the food quickly wilts under the lights. Each element is then put together in post production to achieve the final image.”

Please check out Carl’s work. I can pretty much guarantee you will smile, be a bit amazed and glad you did! Again, here is the website.

Never Hide! Meet Antoinette Ledzian.

Antoinette: Gordy & The Journal Lady ®

Gordy is starting his INTERVIEW process – if you are an artist, or know one that might like to be included please let us know!
Gordy: Hello and welcome to The Journal Lady® (aka The Memory Keeper and Antoinette Ledzian. Author, artist and befriended of strangers.)

The Journal Lady and I meet a few months back, her energy and “joie de vivre” was instantly clear. At that time I had no idea how wildly creative and wonderful her “ways and means” or how diverse and fun her art is. It turns out she utilizes any medium which illustrates the written word . . . She tells me that “My middle names are *Serendipity* *Organization* and *Inspiration* . . .
I love following my bliss and trusting my intuition which leads to synchronicity and continual new experiences which from stories that usually get posted with my photographic images on flickr in the form of “six word stories” . . . (see link below) That all sounds great and we kept on chatting.. When I asked about herself and her art the wonderful answer was. “Every day is filled with a new adventure because I totally trust the creative process, truly believing that through my art I have learned to overcome any obstacles, and most importantly, turn negatives into positives at every turn. Every day is a gift . . . and every corner turned presents another opportunity to create ART!”

It is clear from your wonderful website and links that you are a lady of many talents! Since you name is The Journal Lady I assume that is a major part of you, true?

Antoinette Ledzian
I Have been “visual journaling” long before it became a fad! Some of my work is featured in “Art and Healing” by Barbara Ganim. Although I am a “Certified Expressive Arts Facilitator” I don’t hang out a shingle, but DO incorporate my experiences in day-to-day living and teaching the arts.

I have studied and practiced art my entire life, taking classes with instructors from all over the world . . . from Colby Sawyer College in New London, NH to the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, RISD, The Letterpress Guild of NE, and through calligraphic organizations or adult-ed classes. My husband and I have written, illustrated and published a book entitled, “The Cat Who Lost Its Meow” . . . a book about processing loss through art and journaling. 

Gordy: Is there a process to your work?
Antoinette: I utilize any medium which illustrates the written word . . . photography, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, collage, letterpress, graphic design, fabric, fiber and, of course, calligraphy! I have been blessed with the luxury of living and creating in my home/studio on a daily basis for over 30 years. For 10 years I held a summer camp for 9-12 year olds entitled “Art Bound Camp” where we wrote and painted, combining the results in a journal, complete with illustrated covers. (links to this on

Gordy: What do you love the most about creativity?
Antoinette: The satisfaction that bubbles up from deep within, especially with visual journaling, is invaluable to personal growth. No activity nor purchase can compare to using God’s given gifts to the fullest.

Gordy: Do you consider yourself an “environmentalist?”
Absolutely, without a doubt . . . as artists, my husband and I are insatiable recyclers. From cooking a chicken and eating leftover concoctions for days, to cutting up old clothing for sewn collages, pillows or journal covers . . .
Going to the dump is a challenge at times! Even worse is returning from the landfill with a perfectly good item, which begs to be recycled.

Gordy: What connection to sustainability (if any) does your work have?
As a writer and journal keeper, my connection to sustainability goes hand in hand, as my natural well never runs dry. Creativity and resourcefulness are always at my fingertips in concrete or virtual form. This spills over into invaluable skills for adjusting to life’s ups and downs. The ability to take time to reflect is invaluable to the growth process and becoming the best at being me so that I can give back to others in an inspirational way.

Gordy: Are their links to websites of your work?
Note: We (at Botanical Beauties & Beasties) were lucky enough to be a featured in Colorful Expressions- read all about us! 

Gordy: Where, how, can folks find your great pieces?
Readers can contact me through my website. We have occasional home studio shows.
Gordy: My final question to you is …what advise, tips do you have for aspiring artist and/or creative souls?
CREATE CREATE CREATE . . . take time to use all your senses every day.
Avoid Television at all costs (haven’t watched it in over 40 years) . . .
Go to art openings whenever possible.
Enroll in classes to stretch one’s knowledge.
Be true to yourself. Have FAITH.
Keep records and pictures of your creations for reflection.
TALK TO STRANGERS . . . do interviews and post to flickr!