32 pages of Awesomeness unfurl at the library!

Fuddles the Feather
  • It was Tuesday morning.
  • I was a bit nervous!
  • I put on my best fluffy pink boa, and my magic feather hat (which is technically called a Fascinator Headband)
  • I picked up my basket of books, a few other supplies, took a deep breath and jumped in with both feet.
  • My audience was unfiltered truth tellers – Toddlers!
  • Kids tell it as it is, they would either be interested and engaged or not.
  • My stage was story-time at the local library.

To my total delight, the kids were totally engaged! On each page, they were chanting the word Awesome with me. They were searching for Fuddles, and enjoying themselves! I was (and still am) THRILLED.

Sample Page- Birds fly – Awesome!

For those of you unfamiliar with my book – called Awesome, here is a bit of info: It is for the younger set – three to about six, maybe seven-year-olds. The words of the book are simple; however, the concept is not. It is about Awesomeness, and what makes something/somebody awesome. The illustrations are a large piece of the book and in part carry the younger children along. I see lots of potential for interactions and ‘projects’ that can weave their way around the themes of kindness/awesomeness. I am working on many ideas, so, stay tuned!

I am looking for places to read to more kids-schools, libraries, playgroups, even parties! If you are interested, or know anyone else that may be, please contact me at botanicalbb3@gmail.com.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please contact me at botanicalbb3@gmail.com.   Please put Book Purchase in the subject line.
(The price is $20 + shipping. It is a 7″x 7″ full-color paperback.)