Behind the Scenes

Welcome, I hope you will be draw into and delighted by the land of Botaniumus, the community that has taken over my heart. Begun as a playful whim this art and journey has captured me and continually begs for more and more. That’s A-OK with me.  It’s a joy for me to fuse my love of photography, gardens and digital imaging all into one place. My eyes and the camera lens capture from the broad to the microscopic. Through this I find the magic of detail: the flower bloom that creates the body, the petal that becomes a hat, and together help creates the The Botanical Beautie. The message is clear to me – Pay Attention!  Pieces of important things are everywhere, just look for them.

The imagination: Liz Carren

The idea: To create a world of fun with strong bend to Kindness and environmental consciousness. To have the audiences be both adults and children. The mantra of the art was for years “Live Kind, Live Green, Live Creatively.” I have simplified it now to “Kindness, because it is always the bottom line.”  Kindness means Kind to ourselves, each other, humanity and the planet Earth.

The products:
Greeting cards, Note pads, Prints, Mugs, Bookmarks, Books.

Working on:
Children’s Books #2  (Books may be Bilingual (English and Spanish, French if needed) products link

Public appearances & school assemblies – please use contact info below.

Contact Information: Mobile: 617-335 8331  / email: