Bettcha didn't know…

It’s fun fact Friday – and since it’s been an ART week  we will have ART facts.

Artist: Picasso’s First Word: Pencil. It’s like Picasso was born an artist: his first word was “piz,” short of lápiz the Spanish word for ‘pencil.’ His father Ruiz, an artist and art professor, gave him a formal education in art starting from the age of 7. By 13, Ruiz vowed to give up painting as he felt that Pablo had surpassed him.

Painting: Leonardo DaVinci began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503. He was still working on the painting when he emigrated to France in 1516 and is believed to have finished it three years later, just before he died. The painting has remained in France ever since and is owned by the state. It once hung in Napoleon’s bedroom…X-ray technology has shown there are 3 different versions of the Mona Lisa under the visible one.

Architecture: The Eiffel Tower is 984 feet highland  receives a fresh coat of 300 tons of reddish-green paint every seven years.
The extended right arm of the Statue of Liberty is 42 feet long.

Words: “The Wizard of Oz” – where did the word “Oz” come from? – Baum said he looked at the filing cabinet which was labeled “A-N” and “O-Z.” He chose the latter, otherwise it might have been The Wizard of An.

 The Beatles song “Martha My Dear” was written by Paul McCartney about his sheepdog Martha.

See you all next week!