THIS WEEKEND! Plants, a lovely spot on earth, and Art…how can you say no?

The Show season begins, and we excited to get out in the air and meet new friends. The Botanical Beauties & Beasties will be displaying our ‘wears’ at the Herb and Garden Show in Tiverton RI. If you have never been to this area in RI you are missing a “little piece of heaven” – it’s beautiful and full of wonderful places to visit, shop, browse, stroll…and…we will be there, it’s like icing on the cake. 

We hope you can join in the fun; this should be a lovely day! Plants galore, Herbs (my favorite) and Art! Again I ask, how can you say no? How can you go wrong?

Herb & Garden Show

When: THIS WEEKEND! Saturday, May 26th, 2012 : 10 am-4 pm  (RAIN DATE:  Sunday May 27th 10 am-4 pm, but the weather is looking good right now, hopefully it stays that way!)

Where: On the Lawn of the Soule-Seabury House (which is also the grounds of the Tiverton Four Corners Arts Center)

TheSoule-Seabury House is 3852 Main Rd., Tiverton, RI, 02878Visitors will have an extensive selection of locally grown flowers, herbs and vegetables as well as hand-made jewelry, wood carvings, handbags, wind chimes and other crafts The site includes over an acre of landscaped grounds which are used for exhibits, concerts, outdoor dance, sculpture, theater, and a variety of other special events. See you there!

“Located within a one hour drive of Boston, Providence, Newport, and the towns of Southeastern Massachusetts, Tiverton Four Corners has become an important center for antiques, fine art, decorative crafts, and cozy shops nestled into a quaint New England Village of 18th century buildings. Enjoy the fresh air as you walk the few steps between shops to peek in windows, sample gourmet treats and purchase quality goods of all kinds in an unhurried, friendly and charming atmosphere.” –

DIRECTIONS:: Tiverton Four Corners is located within a one hour drive of Boston, Providence, Newport, Cape Cod, and the communities of southeastern Massachusetts. For door to door driving directions, go to Mapquest. 
FROM BOSTON: Rt. 128 to Rt. 24 South. In Fall River follow the signs for Rt. 195 West to return to Rt. 24 South.
Exit 5 onto Rt. 77 South; 6 miles to Tiverton Four Corners. (approx. 1 hr.)
FROM CAPE COD: Take Rt. 195 West to Rt. 24 South. Exit 5 onto Rt. 77 South; 6 miles to Tiverton Four Corner.
FROM PROVIDENCE: Take Rt. 195 East to Rt. 24 South. Exit 5 onto Rt. 77 South; 6 miles to Tiverton Four Corners.



116th Boston Marathon. April 16, 2012

“DISTANCE: 26 miles, 385 yards (42.195 Kilometers)

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world’s most prestigious road racing events. …The Boston Marathon has distinguished itself as the pinnacle event within the sport of road racing by virtue of its traditions, longevity and method of gaining entry into the race (via qualification).”

Zoie runs the Boston Marathon


…and there she goes….. Zoie is proud to have been qualified and is off and running!  She has special fan wings made to help her with the heat today!  Those inventors in the Whimsical World of Botaniumus are very clever!

For those of you who may be new to our world/site Zoie is Queen of the Woodlands. Her long legs allow her to run like the wind. Her head plumes allow her to sense all. She ensures that there is a natural balance in the woodlands.

Family resemblance…continued

We are continuing our series today “Can you see the family resemblance?”  This series will will be collimated in a mini display/event at Whole Foods Market in Cranston R.I, at the end of April or the beginning of May (date still TBD.)  Let the good times bloom!

Beau and Bleeding Heart Flowers

Beau with his native sons. (ha ha)

You can’t really miss on this one, the resemblance is clear!

The Plant: Bleeding Hearts are a sign that Spring is in full swing. I love their beauty, color, and in my yard their robustness. It’s small delicate mounded foliage with soft arching stems of beautiful, heart-shaped flowers are an old fashioned type of wonderful. For it’s home: shade-lover, cool, moist conditions but well-drained soil. Beau house is along a nice cool shady wall.

The Beautie: Boubolicious: Boubolicious (Boubo, or Beau, for short) is a very wise and knowing creature. Many come to him to ask questions of life and love. He guides his friends through many tough times and thrives on the happy ones. He is Ambassador of Wisdom.  He is a wise, knowing and gentle soul!


Beaudacious – another view.

Saturday artwork for fun

Two Birds of a feather….. If opposites attract  then what is this?

2 Birds....

   Zoie and her friend. (friend is a iPad sketch we did from SketchBook Pro)