How you can have fun this Saturday!

38th Annual Hopkinton
Polyarts Festival

Saturday, September 15, 2012
Hopkinton Town Common
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

You can come on over, up or down, and join us in Hopkinton this Saturday. It is suppose to be another stellar sunny weather day, and with over 75 fabulous vendors it promises you a GREAT day! Last year we attended and shopped- because we  had such a great time this year we are proud to be an artisan vendor! 

Hopkinton Polyarts

Polyarts began in 1974 as a demonstration of various arts and crafts to showcase the talents of the local community. Since then it has grown into a day long event with many professional craftspeople, performing artists and community groups participating throughout the day. Polyarts is free to attend and is a family-friendly day with something for everyone, be it food, music, crafts or other entertainment.

The Polyarts committee is very excited to offer a $1000.00 scholarship to two deserving Hopkinton high school students. This scholarship is offered to students who will be pursuing the arts (art, dance, photography, creative writing, music, drama, etc).

A Spring tease…..

Is is Spring - or is it memorex?
Is is Spring – or is it memorex?

Yesterday was all sun and warmth – today is snow and gloom ….. must be spring is trying!

The Buzz is all around. Fashion, mythology and fantasy. NYFW

Regardless of your own personal style, fashion is all around us. Even though I am no fashion maven I do enjoy looking and exploring. From the sublime classics of elegance and grace, to the outrageous and ridiculous, it’s all fun. Fashion is a reflection of the times, the world and where we are right now. To me that is all fascinating and worth watching. Another world? Absolutely.

The designers often pull from fantasy and romance, and the images are often amazing. The photography, the creativity and the results are astounding and that alone is worth perusing!  Today we venture into….”Valentino continues its adventure with the RED Valentino girl depicted in an imaginary world created in collaboration with London based fashion photographer, Tim Walker. For the SS12 ad campaign, model, Nimue Smit is photographed in “the park of monsters”, which dates back to 1522 and represents a visual sequence ranging between mythology and fantasy.” (FashionIndie) How could Birdelli resist not jumping in? She couldn’t!  Here are two takes, the original which I found on Fashion Indie ( , a great site to explore for fun and fashion, and the BBB3 (Botanical Beauties & Beasties) take.

Birdelli could not resist joining the Valentino campaign for a little fun!
Valintino Original posting
Valentino Original posting without Birdelli :- (

Big News In Boston Metro Area!

Within the pages of The Boston Globe on Sunday came a lovely “Extra Insert” a special Issue called “The Gardner Grows” it is about The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum which re-opens this week (Jan 19-21 are Free Opening Days!) with what looks like  spectacular new, and innovated new wing. For those that know about “who” and names, Renzo Piano designed it. Another exciting tidbit is the reopening of a restored Tapestry Room.  There is a cool new café (Café G) with a hip upscale urban menu. A new feature of the Café is ” the restaurant will offer special menus inspired by History, collections, special exhibits, and horticultural. In the first, Crowley (Chef) has reinterpreted a Christmas meal Gardner once served, handwritten in the recipe book her mother gave her as wedding present.” * – pg 8 of Special section Magazine of “The Gardner Grows

Concerts were originally in the  famous Tapestry Room with an annual 10,000 listeners and The Museums New Wing holds a new concert Hall. It is a modern and striking Cube shape design.  On Jan 1,1903 Isabella Stewart Gardner opened her museum with a concert by members of The Boston Symphony Orchestra and singers from the Cecillia Society.  Again, the Read all about the new wing, old customs, get your hands on the insert or dig around on-line (see links below) .The Music hall and the whole museum  is a wonderful story and is a great part of  Boston’s Cultural side.

Other cool features of the new wing are:

  • Green Spaces as in true Greenhouses and newly designed gardens to reflect Isabella’s love/passion for horticultural and Landscape Art.
  • Visiting Artist accommodations.  Two beautiful and glass fronted apartments available for artist-in-residence.
  • Special Exhibition Gallery. “A soaring space includes an antegallery for light-sensitive objects.  A movable translucent ceiling can be positioned to fit the size of specific art exhibits.” * (pg 24 Special section Magazine of “The Gardner Grows)
  • Living Room. Inspired by a project from an artist in residence in 2000. A blend of personal and public spaces with the essence of Isabella Stewart Gardner’s palazzo.

More Good News: You would never know it but, under the museum are Eight Geothermal wells. The Museum is going for a gold LEED certification. A cert granted by the US Green Building Council. They are well on their way with the wells expected to save them 28% reduction in energy use. The site itself, near public transport. For employees alternative fuel vehicles are given parking preference and bike storage is available. Water efforts include drought tolerant plantings, rainwater reclamation, and low-flow fixtures.  Inside the museum is a cool system that sensors and detect a certain level of sunlight filtering through the windows which automatically turns off electric lighting! Very Cool! Another inside feature is low-emission materials from paint to sealants to help over all air indoor air quality.

So lets all help support the Arts, Culture and great ideas by visiting the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum if you can.

Visit the Gardner – Art comes to Life

map to The Gardner

280 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115
Purchase Museum Tickets

The Gardner is closed temporarily until Jan. 19, 2012
in preparation for the opening of the new wing.

Information 617 566 1401
Box Office 617 278 5156