Outdoors, but contained herbs.

Yesterday was fun for I love container gardening in or out. However, there are several good reasons to consider keeping some of your herbs in pots. The first reason is some herbs can spread like wild-fire. Do you really want mint all over the garden?  When gardeners speak of outdoor “containment” they usually mean pots or raised enclosed beds. Milly and I are big fans of pots. The selection of styles and colors are amazing these days BUT it is limited only by your imagination. Have an old planter you don’t like anymore? Paint it, or put it upside down and let it be a level lift for one you do like. What do you have lying around that is no good to you anymore for its original use? There is a 50% chance I would guess it may able to become a one of a kind, all original, planter! I have an old strawberry cookie jar that the top has lost a petal and has sat around in the garage for a few years. It is from my mother-in-law so it has “sentimental value” for us. This summer it will hold some lovely trailing herb plant!

Have a cool specimen herb? Plant it in its own container. Show it off and give it the star treatment it deserves in some wonderful planter in a place of honor.

If you have herbs with similar grow needs try grouping them in an assortment of planters. Remember the old design rules of thumb, keep the numbers uneven, 1,3,5 pots look better than 2 or 4 generally speaking. Vary the heights for visual interest. Make it elegant or goofy and fun, it is all up to you!

Here are some ideas to play with:

Elf peaking out from the Herb of Rosemary (archive image). Every day ought to be Earth Day!

Basil comes in many colors, leaf shapes, sizes, flavors and scents. How about an assorted basil garden that is good for all your senses!

Mint another one with many varieties, tastes and scents (spearmint, peppermint, lemon mint, & bergamot to name a few.) These guys really do need to be a pot if you want to keep them from spreading! Lots of water and sun and this herb will go to town!

Can you possible beat French Lavender as a specimen in a beautiful pot? I think not! One of Milly’ and mine all time favorites!

Simon and Garfunkel sang of Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme. Year after year I have planted these guys together on my deck, in a planter and it these guys have never let me down. They grow well together, they look nice all together and they taste nice all together too.


Go to ne nearest Farmers Market and find your favorite beautiful herbs all ready to go.

Go to your deck , your patio, or your window  garden and have fun!

and speaking of Farmers Markets – don’t forget to look for us at Garden City Whole Foods today and every Tuesday through out the summer. The Gang of Botanical Beauties and Beasties have 3 new products they are excited to share with you. A Graduation card, a Fathers Day card, and a wildly cute and hilarious camp post card for the kids. 

A "pick me up" as we wait for sun and warm temps.

The Twins: Vaboom and MaggieVaboom and Maggie (the Twins) are going down to Jollie’s Medicinal, Beauty/Spa Herbals. The shop is down in the meadow in the town of Meadowville.  Today it will be the perfect excursion for a late winter  “pick me up.”  Jollie’s shop is delightful: warm smells of summer herbs, masses of natural light, solar-powered, fabulous tea/coffee, and a marvelous decor coordinated in calming colors.  Once you are there you feel like you are on vacation. Everyone just wants to curl up on the overstuffed chairs, breath deep and relax. How Perfect!  Maybe, while they are there, a mani and pedi!