Once upon a time….the classic story beginning. We have heard it repeatedly all through our lives. However, it is what comes next which is the real story.

The stories of our lives, intertwined with the fabric of our lives, and of course the threads as well. The big wide open vistas/opportunities, the blankets of security, drawn down to the small details…Since Tuesday late night I have new Great Nephew. (Well, to be honest I am not sure that is what he really is in those family genealogy terms to me, but he is my niece and her husbands new baby boy.) To think about the awesomeness that his whole story is just beginning, is really daunting, as well as wonderfully miraculous. He is a lucky little boy who hopefully will have no struggles as a “wee one.”  He is already extremely well-loved and cared for, and will get to live all the wonderful experiences that “love and care” enables. Add education, a little luck, and effort, and he can truly lead his life however he desires one day-in his own spectacular way. It’s as if his own story in barely touching the left side of the “O” of Once upon a time….so many stories to go. How exciting! Congratulations to all – the parents, the baby, the grandparents, the great-grandparents, the aunts, and uncles, and all the extended family that this bundel of newness has already spread happiness and joy to. Here’s to joy and new beginnings! 

Hey there little person – Welcome to our world, our family, and our love!

Baby Boy

→ AND ←
For the rest of us, that are no longer tiny and brand-new….
you can always rewrite the next chapter of your story….
…hard to do? YES….
possibly may be one of the most important ‘rewrites’ you do…
Only you know what needs ‘editing’ ….
Now get out that pencil and eraser, and 
Happy rewriting.


Does our “fashion” and wearable art (i.e. our clothing) define us?

I am fascinated by this! We all know if you dress “better” you feel “better.” How much do you think about your “personal style” and the ID tags you attach to that? Hmmm – just fascinating.

From a site I enjoy called Design You Trust, I came across this man named Dean Christian.(link)  Here is his take. Check out his website for more info and images. According to his twitter page he is a Fashion/portrait photography student in LA. I think he is a good find to watch.

Photo by

“Clothes are a funny thing. When we put a certain piece of clothing on it can change us. It affects how we feel, how we walk down the street, how we go about our day. For many, style is a form of self-expression. You can often tell how a person is feeling by what they are wearing.

But does our style define us as an individual? Does it ultimately replace one’s identity?” – Dean

Here is Birdelli with and without…. hmmmmm

The ID of clothing
Can you see yourself in this outfit? Well, OK, maybe without the hat!