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Summary: A Children’s book introducing Fuddles, the Feather of Wonder. Fuddles first shows children environmental wonders and then personal wonders for simple joy in the world. A book about kindness to the earth, self and each other.

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The Broken Wheel Garden Party.
Summary: Charlie is on his way to the local farmers market with a loaded wagon of vegetables when BOOM! He has a run-in with a big solid rock! Uh-oh, now he has a flat tire! What to do?Poof…a little magic, and Fuddles appears. What is this whimsical solution?

Imagination: Where did mine go?
Summary: Fuddles is concerned he has lost his imagination. Without it he feels invisible but NOT because he wants to be! He asks his friends to help him find it, and creativity abounds.

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possible cover for book three Possible cover for third book.Imagination –