One more moment

Well, we passed the mark, whew, and Thank Goodness! We (at least we here in the Northern Hemisphere) are back to ADDING daylight and the days are slowly getting LONGER. Seems like a good metaphor for the upcoming year. Let’s ADD a moment, a smile, a break, a deep breath. It’s been a tough year for many, including myself. I try not to be sad about a particular year that is behind me, for no matter what, those 365 days I never get back. Naturally, there were pluses and minuses, but it’s essential to remember there certainly was plenty of good. As another year closes, it’s a logical time to think about life’s lessons and what I’ve learned this past year. What I do with those “lessons” and how I use my new found (hopefully) wisdom remains to be seen. I suppose its all part of the journey.

There is a quietness about the colder winter months. A time of reflection-there the ‘life lessons’ to ponder but also what was good, bad, indifferent, and what ought we change?  Here’s the kicker-What if we had just one more chance, one more lucky strike:

One more moment to talk.
One more moment to say hello.
One more moment for one another.
One more moment for a “random act of kindness.
One more moment to smile at a stranger.
One more moment to reach out a hand to a friend that needs a squeeze.
One more monet to take better care of ourselves
One more moment to say ‘I love you’ to someone,
or maybe…
One more moment to talk to a loved one, even if it to say goodbye and give them a kiss…
What will you do with you’re one more moment? Each day we have one, at least until the summer solstice, so use it wisely, embrace it and be aware.
It is indeed so much more than – “Just One More Moment.”