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The stories of each creature  (beasty or beauty is surely in the eye and mind of the beholder) can be found on the pages of  “The Individuals.”
How:  Each Botanical begins with a garden element photograph and my imagination. The process of the illustration continues when I create the digital art and mix photography, drawing, and graphic arts—all of which I have many years of experience in.
The Botaniumus Story: In the land of Botaniumus lives a community of whimsy and mostly beautiful creatures. They live a wonderful life of fun and frolic. They spring forth from glorious gardens and fantastic waters. You see they originate in parts of flowers or “organics” – such as moss, a plant stem, a bit of rock surface, or coral, or the like.

The mantra of the land is environmental consciousness and “living green.” The other prevailing wind is kindness to all in its community.

I hope you will enjoy the Botanical Beauties and Beasties illustrations and their stories as much as I enjoy creating the Land and it’s beings!