Heirloom Charlie on his tractor
It’s that time again: Fresh Farms, fresh foods, fresh air, and all the goodness that a summer breeze can bring.

It’s that time-FRESH FOOD TIME! Farmers Markets are plentiful, and they have so many bonuses. Fresh, local, informative, chemical free if you so desire (I do), variety, and TASTY!

The image is of Heirloom Charlie. He is Botanical Beautie, a local organic farmer. He is a Sustainable Farmer, a farmer that is in featured in some of my books, and an overall good guy 👨‍🌾. He started with Heirloom tomatoes and has grown (blossomed)(Couldn’t resist the pun!) over the years.

Charlie was my First Vegetable Beauty. Since Charlie is a sustainable farmer, no GMOs and organic are his “methods.” He pays homage to ALL farmers who honor Heirlooms (seeds, product and produce) and to The Fabulous Beekman Boys. Their concept of Heirloom Living is to be admired. Their “pay it forward” action displayed with their  “Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Tomato Pasta Sauce” is such a great idea that I was inspired to create Heirloom Charlie. Sustainable farming, food, hard work, and team efforts equal a life long result! This dovetails into the Botanical Beauties & Beasties mantra of Kindness, because it is always the bottom line.

I hope you enjoy Heirloom Charlie-his beet tattoo and his dill hair are two of my favorite details!