Earth (Terre) … You are here.

Since we are talking about Ecology this week Wessie decided we ought to start out at the big picture….
He says- “Got to start big, think big and remember the details DO matter!”

Earth at-a-Glance: You Are Here… (Vaboom learned that Earth = Terre in French!)

“It’s kind of fascinating to look at many of Earth’s characteristics and vital information all together in one place. It’s even more intriguing to have information about Earth’s beginnings, neighborhood, and home galaxy in the same place. And, in a kind of humorous way, it’s humbling to get a clearer perspective on where our place is in this universe after all!

Rather than looking at our galaxy and the universe as extensions of Earth, this new feature lets us look at our planet a little bit differently, more like Earth as a part of the grand design and evolution of the universe. It’s the world we live in, the place we all call home. As you start reading through the information and numerous links, you will have at least a better understanding of what and where “here” is and how we are all connected.”

read all about it:, Galaxy M83, similar size and shape to the Milky Way

Earth is located in the outer edge of our galaxy, called the Milky Way, about 28,000 light years from the galactic center. It is part of a Solar System that includes eight other known planets, and the only known planet with the ability to sustain life as we know it. The Milky Way is one of billions of spiral galaxies in the universe.

Earth is about 4.54 Billion years.

Sunshine, birds a tweeting and blue skies!

Oh wishing for Spring to be here…

Vaboom says Magnifique! You see, she has been hanging out with some French friends – and since part of her job is  “to keep track of ALL the new words that come into the Land of Botaniumus (and ) Her title is New Word Tracker.”  She is very happy!  The sun also means she/they can hang out at the Knowledge Café, drinking coffee, chatting and enjoying the sun! Une excellente idée! (Vaboom loves her new words!) ( see Vabooms picture and story)