Like Pie? Like Art? Like Fairs?… how about gifts?

The weather forecast is glorious and we hope to see you there! This is a 2 part post… check the second half for a preview of our new Holiday Product line! You can click on the images to see them larger.

mug gift sets
This is a preview of our NEW READY TO GO GIFT SETS.
One more theme will be coming…but here is 3 out of 4!It’s a “pick and pay” easy peasy gift solution.There will be 4 themes:
3 are ready and will be available this weekend!

  • Jolie with a “Love to you” mug set.
  • Ron with a Garden mug set.
  • Vaboom with a Desk mug Set.
  • The 4th and final one is a DOG set- stay tuned!

♥ Jolie: Our Herbalist who creates, makes, produces, and shares her products of Herbs and natural oils for both Beauty and medical remedies. Her image is featured on her set, and the mug holds:
Delightful Body products made from all organic materials made by Garden Gate Herbals right here in Franklin MA : Lip Balm to pamper your fall and winter lips- either Lavender or Wintergreen / Comfrey Salve – for reliving minor rashes, insect bites wounds – like those paper cuts from gift wrapping! Rosehip or Lavender Glycerite: Rosehips are high in Vit. C and tasty too! Both are Calming for all ages. (Take a few drops on your tong or right down the hatch!) …Topping off  this set is 3 bookmarks,  a flower and gift box adornment.

♥ Ron: Our Master Garden and Climate change guy: His mug contains 3 packs of Burpee Garden seeds that all have long shelf lives-have fun and plant inside now or you can wait. They all have a small Garden Sick/Marker with a butterfly attached for Garden Dreaming all winter long! They too have a Body product, made by another woman who’s business is called: Aromatherapy for the 2 legged & the 4 legged,  this time so local it’s down the street! Enclosed is a Garden Lavender Salve  for soothing and calming yourself as needed! …Topping off  this set is 3 bookmarks and a gift box adornment.

♥ Vaboom: She is the Keeper of New Words, kindness and Eco words are her thing and she is champion of the Desk Set Gift. Her mug holds: 3 Bic Pens, 3 fun Pencils, 1 Ruler, 1 fun chunky roundish Pretty Pen, and a bottle of Mental Clarity  Spray. This spray helps keep the “muddle” at bay! This one is also by Aromatherapy for the 2 legged and 4 legged and is essential oils – you spray this very yummy warm and comforting spray in your “personal area” and you indeed feel better and “clearer in the head!” Amazing!! ..Topping off  this set is 3 bookmarks and a gift box adornment.

All are wrapped and ready to go! All include a small according folded pamphlet with a story about Collaboration, Community, woman helping woman in business and in life, and why that Botanical is champion of that gift set. Each package has a cushion on the base of eco friendly shredded paper, a clear bag, a ribbon and even a GIFT TAG… but you may still want to purchase a special Botanical Beauty Card as well!






Have you got your Green Father's Day Gift?

This week is mostly about Fathers.  Yesterday we pretty much did the “fashion” with NUMBER:lab.  So easy to like and to wear their clothing!  Todays post is about other fun eco gifts for Dad. This is a fun list combined from Inhabitots Green Father’s Day Gift Guide (by Desmond Williams, 06/13/10) and Ecouterrs – 14 Green Father’s Day Gifts for Eco-Savvy Dads (by Jasmin Malik Chua, 06/12/11.)  Although it may not be the right gift for your dad it makes for some fun reading! 

“Dads have come a long way since the days of the stereotypical cigar chomping, garage tinkering, newspaper-at-the-breakfast-table men of the recent past. Nowadays more and more dads are becoming nurturing, early adapting, fashion forward, artistic, eco-responsible individuals. In other words, we’re not our dads dads. So on this Fathers Day let’s celebrate with green-minded, stylish, thoughtful gifts that fit the bill. From recycled necktie wallets to wooden harddrives, here are a few of our favorite eco gifts for the modern dad.” Pictures above- links below.


For more eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts, check out our 2010 gift guide.

Need a gift fast? This one is for the Grilling Dad-  iGrillBLUETOOTH ENABLED GRILL

The iGrill is available at Apple stores and through the product website, for US$99.99. It currently comes only in white, although a black version is coming out in February, along with custom skins “in a variety of colors and styles to express your individual mood” (oh, brother). An Android version is also in the works.  the iGrill also works as a stand-alone tool. Sealed controls allow you to enter the desired temperature directly on the device itself, which has its own LED temperature display, and which will beep when the meat is done. If you do take advantage of its Bluetooth feature, it will be able to communicate with your chosen i-whatzit from a range of over 200 feet (61 meters.)