Fun Food Friday and Festival Foods

When I Google Festival Foods it is an interesting array of items that appear! Garlic Festivals, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, New Orleans Jazz, Renaissance, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Everyone has Food Festivals. This weekend, Saturday Sept 3rd:10-5 to be exact, we, The Botanical Beauties & Beasties and myself, will be showing at Festival Fete in East Greenwich RI. There will be lots of ART, and lots of yummies for your eyes and your bellies. The list of food folks includes some healthier choices for often thought of very un-healthy foods. Cut out the animal fats and food is less likely to stick to your heart valves! Saturday you can taste Vegan delights from my friends at  Dirty Vegan Foods (I can vouch for these treats, you will not miss any taste sensations here.) You can have vegan ice-cream at Like No Udder! Sweet Apples, cookies, and more all await your sweet tooth (or teeth!). The wonderful folks from Whole Foods: Garden City will be there as well, therefore you can be sure that you can eat a wholesome delicious nutritious lunch if you would like too! As a matter of fact they are one of the sponsors – they are putting on a Farmers Market! How great is that!

LOCALLY GROWN ART, FOOD AND MERRIMENT – All will be there for your enjoyment. Grab your cloth bag, wear a big smile, and come on down if you can. Support your local growers, restaurants, entertainment, and of course- support  and  your local artist!