Who’s the imagination?

What you will see on these pages is my love of art, illustration, flowers, horticultural and whimsy.  I (Liz Carren) have been involved with Art, Design, Photography, Graphics, and Landscape Design/Gardening since the early ‘80s.  I enjoy maintaining the integrity of the literal image using new digital tools to move directly to interpretive imaging. My desire is to simply enhance and recreate reality. In this case recreated reality equals the Land of Botaniumus and the community within.

My background is in art and design as far back as I can remember. Growing up in an “arts household”, I was painting at a young age with my painter grandmother, I was going to museums and events with my future PhD Art historians Sister and Mom, and “doing art” for fun in school and home. I grew up a bit and went to Ithaca Collage, School of Communications and received a Bachelor of Science in Cinema Studies and Photography. With an appetite for adventure and travel I furthered my studied in London at the International Film School (Covent Garden, London) and received a diploma from there as well.  Upon returning to the States, I needed to work and so I started my own business as an Interior Design Large Format Photographer. I worked in the DC area for a several years as a photographer. After a while I went back to school again, this time in Landscape Design. Over the next 15 years I pursued design as an Exhibit Designer, an Interior Planting Designer, an Exterior Garden Designer, and as a traditional Graphic Designer.

The disciplines of these arts add to a broad base of knowledge to pull from. My present focus is primarily on the land of Botaniumus – creating a personal world/community with a message of Kindness and  “green living.”  I use my camera, my computer, my eyes, my heart, and my imagination.

Painting of Liz by her Grandmother
Painting of Liz by her Grandmother Florie

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