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Madelyn: (Maddie for Short) comes up from Key West, she is a Beach girl and it’s fitting her role is one of “Beach Conservation.”  She roams the beaches, keeping her eyes on erosion, pollution, marine life, and beach fun. She keeps her trusty water bottle with her always so she stays hydrated and ready to go.  Beach Conservation also means trying to keep the very fragile Dunes healthy. Dunes act as dikes and reservoirs to replenish the beach. It’s all-important stuff, and Maddie wants you to know about it. All her plants are from The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden. which is the only “frost-free” botanical garden in the continental United States.

Milly and Tilly:   Milly and Tilly are like two peas in a pod.  They symbolize new beginnings since they began as unfolding leaves of spring. They keep their eyes on all “new” citizens of Botaniumus whether they be babies or just new to the community. No matter what, Milly and Tilly are there to welcome, help and extend a hand as needed. They are The Welcoming Committee!  Their parties are famous for bringing the newcomers into the fold.  (unfolding leaves of spring)

Mimi:   Mimi has taken the shape of a Parrot to bring to awareness the birds of the tropics and to endangered species everywhere. Her job title is indeed-Minister of Endangered Species. Since she took the likeness of a parrot she wants you to know, 85 of the 340 living species of parrots in the wild are endangered… Mimi was inspired by Nancy Forrester for Mimi is created from all Key West flowers in Nancy’s Secret Garden. Mini is flamboyant and beautiful wanting to be noticed!  If she can help save the parrots, and other species, she is a happy bird herself!  (mixed floral)   Nancy’s Secret Garden.

Moe: Moe is Minister of Clean Water. He has water-breathing gills and can travel in the seas for as long as needed. He and his family can adapt as needed making Moe’s job as Minister of Clean Water a natural for him. As he swims, he performs water tests, makes notations of underwater spots of beauty, and reports on problem areas. Unfortunately, these problem areas are growing. Botaniumus citizens are used to clean pristine waters and polluted areas make them sad.  Moe is very Honored to be part of a mission of hope card sent to Japan after the tsunami . (Hydrangea, moss, peony)

Ron La Feur

Ron La Fleur:  Ron is Twinkles (Goddess of the Shimmering Snow) Cousin. Carefree in personality but not in Nature (The Ecosystem.) He is all about fun in the sun and his cause is Climate Change- a situation that us all and the environment worldwide. Greater energy efficiency and new technologies hold the promise for reducing greenhouse gases and solving this global challenge. Ron is also a Master Gardener, which keeps his intrest in ground temps and soil tempurtures extra keen. (Mixed floral)


ROSIE:   Rosie is everyone’s friend – she bakes treats, always makes everyone feel welcome and cherished.  She has seen it all, and nothing anymore surprises her! …Love, understanding and compassion, that’s what Rosie is made of, as well as Roses!


BabyBABY: … and Baby!  Baby is what all babies hopefully are: A bundle of wiggles laughs, and unconditional Love. This baby symbolizes renewable smiles and all things soft cuddly that are near and dear to our hearts.



Twinkles comes to town! Twinkles: Goddess of the Shimmering Snow  (a.k.a Twinks) is a true snowbird. She comes IN with the winter weather–especially the snow. She cares about the cleanliness of the snowfall verses atmospheric toxins which create “dirty snow.” The Botanicals are very sensitive and they are worried. The Botanicals understand that the snow eventually melts, bringing nourishment for the emerging spring plantings and farms. Twinkles glides in on winter storms and spreads “glimmers” that clean up toxins.  Did you notice the glimmers on her skirt? (Snow, Ice and Winter Fern)


YUM:   Yum is a magic fairy. She flies over the land and sea and keeps all in love, peace, and kindness. She has extraordinary sight, so she sees all, knows all, and helps all. In the “modern world,” she is known as an Anti-Bully Presence. (Mixed floral)



Vaboom: Vaboom is extremely organized and lives to understand language, especially the layers of double meanings. Her “job” is to keep track of ALL the new words that come into the Land of Botaniumus. Her title is New Word Tracker. She has great fun listening to everyone while enjoying time in cafés, shops, or wherever she may be. As she finds/hears the words she loads them up into her (recycled) shopping bags to carry them back to her home office. Naturally, Kindness and Eco words are her favorites. (Mixed floral)


Maggie and Runcus: Maggie shops and plays with her pet named Runcus.   She has a very big heart and epitomizes the word “kindness.” Those shopping bags hold surprise gifts for anyone who needs a reminder of gentleness, generosity, and goodwill. Her job is that of  The  Altruistic Shopper. Rancus is a happy little guy who follows along as well as hangs out with anyone who may need to pet some fur! (Mixed floral)  (FYI, Maggie and Vaboom are Twins)

Wellie:   Wellie comes from a long line of Therapy Creatures. We first met him in a hospital, and were amazed at his powers of comfort. We learned that he is usually found on the Children’s Cancer ward, but he was making some special rounds that day. Wellie is short for Wellness, which is what he hopes for all.  However he will try to help you heal.  Runcus who is often found “hanging out” with Wellie but Runcus flits about the community spreading joy and calm whereever he can. Both go to whomever needs some good steady, tried and true, unconditional love and support. Both and are very happy to provide companionship, doggie like fur to pat, and loving back to you.  (Bee Balm)

Wessie: Wessie (Wes) soars high above the lands and sea to keep an eye both on Botaniumus citizens as well as the “others”  i.e., us the WoMes (us humans.) Wes’s job is Liaison of Botaniums and WoMes and to keep the “green lifestyle”, Kindness, and Creativity, active for both sides and incorporate great ideas from one to the other. He is a teacher for/to us all.  (Wisteria and Lilac)

The Wedding PairThe Wedding pair: This couple was indeed created for a ‘engaged’ couple.  Weddings are amazing ceremonies, full of traditions and memories for a lifetime.  Did you know our ring finger is ‘the chosen finger’ for it was said in Roman time, that this finger has a vein that runs directly to your heart!  Weddings are one of the most public, and yet also the most intensely personal/private, ceremony we have. It seems right that the ring finger goes to the heart- for that is the core of weddings-Love with all out heart!  The Wedding Pair job is to send love and happiness to all the newly engaged and wed pairs they encounter!

pink bird- Magnolia

Zoie: Zoie  is  Queen of the Woodlands. Her long legs allow her to run like the wind. Her head plumes allow her to sense all. She ensures that there is a natural balance in the woods, no trash or “toxins” of materials or emotions. Her goal is to keep the Woodlands clean so all can eat the fruits and berries of the woods and enjoy the beauty as well. She is a legend in Botaniumus for she is so caring and watchful of the land and of her brother (Boubolicoius.) (Magnolia Bud)



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